Friday’s Leftovers: My Humps & Dumps

Finally we’ve come to the end o’ this week, so relax, put your feet up, and we’ll bring the best of the web to you. Feel free to molest these links for all they’re worth like you’re rapper Akon dry humping this 14-year-old fan on stage in Trinidad. We hear teenage Tobagans are pissed it wasn’t them.

  • The attendees won’t be the only ones getting drugged when the Rolling Stones come to Belgrade — oh no, not the horses!
  • Ahmet Ertegun’s memorial service brought out the big names
  • The Ottawa Blues Festival lineup looks amazing
  • The Drive-By Truckers’ Paterson Hood on life after Jason Isbell
  • The 15 most outrageous claims in pop music history
  • Tool, Jim Morrison and Pink Floyd shows are all available for download on the new b.o.o.t.l.e.g. blog
  • Brooklyn Vegan interviews Bjork
  • More on Live Nation’s decision to go all Fillmore on us
  • Styx and Def Leppard will tour together this summer — for real
  • Peaches takes Alanis Morrisette’s My Humps parody one step further, unleashing My Dumps on the masses
  • HT Friend Richard Gehr reviews
  • Steve Winwood is slowly but surely putting a tour together
  • Re-making old hits to make money
  • Rolling Stone to offer a DVD featuring every issue of the famed music mag

The Disco Biscuits have been adding shows to its upcoming tour at a furious pace. The days of three shows in Sayreville followed by two months off seem to be over. Aside from two appearances at High Sierra, the Biscuits didn’t play any shows in Caifornia between 2003 and December of 2006. This summer, though, Cali Bisco fans will get a well-deserved run of six shows in July. The consensus seems to be they’re playing well, so check them out if that’s your thing. 

The Green Apple Music Festival hits Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco this weekend. Ace and I have a full docket of shows planned for the next two nights. Leave us a comment, let us know what shows you are checking out…

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4 Responses

  1. Zero is gonna be the illness! All signs point to Zero at Gramercy as the official apex of the fest. Any word on the mysteriously dropped Amphibian show at Ace of Clubs? I swear I saw it listed.

  2. Don’t see anything about Amfibian playing this weekend, nor have I seen anything about that. It came to you in a dream?

    That Ottawa Blues lineup looks SICK. How far is a road trip to the Candian capital? Damn. And because it’s Canadian money, tickets are like, free, eh?

  3. Ottawa Blues!? B-ball starts manana, my friend. It’s a shame the Bulls dropped a duece all over the meadowlands and dropped to the 5th seed. That Bulls/Heat series is gonna own face. Hinrich is gonna bring the hose.

    I swear I saw an Amphibian announcement that has since been rescinded. Can anyone back me up?

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