Friday Mix Tape: The Real Mix, First Half

First, a line change: As per his request, our resident mixologist Dan Alford will bring his tunes to those gloomy Mondays. Dan will take up residence in a new department yet to acquire a catchy-as-shit moniker, in which he plans to kick off your week with a soundtrack suggestion for the days ahead. The Friday Mix Tape will continue with a new driver, so I guess this means bonus cantos for you.


Now, here’s the last Friday introductory paragraph from Dan: This is first half of my favorite driving mix, a 35-minute conglomeration of beats, dub, and a ton of jazz remixes, from MMW to Nina Simone and back. I don’t even remember the lineage of most of the tracks, but if you dig funky drums, hazy music, and breathy vocal tracks, give it a listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be back with the second half when we resume on Monday, May 7th.

(FYI, this marks our 100th post in the month of April…our bosses are likely pissed.)

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