Know What This Day Needs? More Monk.

Rainy days are always perfect for a little taste of the yazz piano. And who better than to take us away like Calgon than the man in the ski cap and the cokenails and the gawdy rings. Thelonious Monk is obviously a legend, but until you sit there and watch him, I mean really focus on the way he plays piano, you can’t know how insanely adriot he is on the keys. It’s uncanny. See for yourself right here:


I bought Straight, No Chaser senior year in college, a fantastic documentary produced by Clint Eastwood. I highly recommend it for any Monk noobs that want to dive further into the man’s repertoire after watching this clip.

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  1. Pick up the two HYENA Monk releases…Monk In Paris and Monk Round The World…they both have killer dvds of vintage Monk…not to mention A live recordings.

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