The Telephone Was Ringin’…

The kind folks at know how much you wanna hear a bitchin’ Frankenstein every time the phone rings. A real Frankenstein, not that Muzak for Cellular Telephones shit.

Ownyourphone’s service allows you take any part of any song on your computer (no DRM-infected files) and make it into a ringtone. You get one free ringtone already, but because they kinda like us and we kinda like them, you can produce an additional free ringtone or two if you enter glidemagazine as a promotional code.

Sweetness. Now you can set I Wanna Sex You Up as the custom ringtone for your girlfriend’s father and freak the shit out of everyone.

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3 Responses

  1. Wow. Thanks for this!

    5 mins from register to hearing the song I uploaded on my phone.

    Super easy interface and process.

    Will definitely pass this on.


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