Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Band-Related Edition

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Before we dive into an obvious theme below, let’s kick off the proceedings with a rippin’ version of Medeski Martin & Wood’s Think from the Umbria Jazz Festival in 2001. Of all my favorite tunes from the trio’s arsenal, the underrated Think most definitely tops the list, and this live rendition is guaranteed hit the spot:


  • I gotta say, Eddie Vedder and My Morning Jacket collaborating on a handful of versions of It Makes No Difference last year might be the most under-reported musical combination of all-time. There, I said it.
  • Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks with a Who Do You Love? medley — what a difference 30 years makes; let’s flash back to Ronnie at The Last Waltz.
  • We’ll proceed with two clips of Rick Danko, because it feels right. The first’s Driftin’ Away from Danko’s post-Band side project with Erik Andersen and Jonas Fjeld; next up, in what can only be described as an ode to coffee, Danko plays Java Blues at Austin City Limits two years after the breakup.
  • This sweet version of Ophelia‘s from Nickel Creek’s Chris Thile and a band of talented bluegrass musicians. Gotta love YouTube for comments like “levon would be spinning in his grave, im sure danko and manuel are.”
  • Allright, here’s one video bulletpoint that doesn’t involve The Band: Love ’em or hate ’em, you at least have to admit that the GRAB quartet’s debut last summer forged a level of genuine excitement in this scene for the first time since Coventry. The 7/1/06 PNC show rocked my silly little head, and here are two of the culprits: Mud City and Suskind Hotel.

I’m trying to think of a clever line with which to end this post, but the only thing running through my head right now is “Every kiss begins with Kaaaay.” Weird.

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  1. I often wonder why MMW doesn’t have a live DVD. I have been at shows they have filmed and there is tons of stuff on Youtube but yet no offical release.

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