Wednesday Intermezzo: Argh? Urgh!

Urgh! A Music War is one of the most criminally overlooked music films ever made. In 1981, the music scene was smack dab in the middle of punk giving way to New Wave. This incredible documentary chronicles the best bands from that insane time period, featuring bands like The Police, XTC and Devo live in action. Distribution issues make it really hard to find a copy of the flick, but The Lost Turntable has done us all a huge favor by making all the music from the soundtrack available for download.

The past few weeks have been the calm before the storm as far as The Police is concerned. Over the past few weeks, Sting has been finishing his lute work and re-uniting with the boys to practice for the upcoming world tour. Billboard runs down the latest news, including word of a warm-up show in a few weeks. It’s SO on.

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