Red Lights Ahead: Jam in the Dam ’08

Shit. We’re 10 months away, and already next year’s March is filling up fast. We’ve got the annual pilgrimage to Langerado, a fantasy baseball draft in a city to be named later, and now…uh oh, we may have to make a quick jaunt to Amsterdam.

Jam in the ‘Dam organizers want you to get in on the act early, and today they announced three headliners for the 2008 event. Following what I thought was a really suspect lineup in 2007, it seems this weekend in the Netherlands is well on its way to full musical resurrection: Umphrey’s McGee, Tea Leaf Green and Lotus will lead the festivities the weekend of March 16th – 18th.

Photo by Justin Ward

But we’re not done yet. This year the organizers are bringing an extra act to the ‘Dam, and it’s up to us to decide (kinda). And like all fan-voting endeavors, I imagine this idea that’s paved with good intentions will end up in calamitous ruin: 

The other change, is that we will be doing FIVE artists next year! We will run three per night in the Old Hall, with a slightly reduced set time. Announcing this early will let us take our time to get feedback from our most loyal fans on who the last two bands should be. Please take part in the poll on our message board:

Sure it’d be nice to see another couple of jambands in there, but since they’re asking for it, I say we stuff the ballot box with votes for Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and Taylor Dayne. I mean, Umphrey’s and TLG are good enough for me — wouldn’t you want to see a heady Professor’s Blues > I Think We’re Alone Now or a Get in the Van > Only In My Dreams? Either way, let’s starting talking Amsterdam.

Like I needed a music ‘n travel-related erection at work today. Damn you.

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  1. Good point, Ginz. Outside the continental US travel is becomimg all the rage these days. moe. just did Japan and they are planning a November Amsterdam trip. Biscuits are doing the Jamaica thing, too. Gettin’ expensive.

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