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Let’s start the weekend off right — here’s a video so recently uploaded to YouTube that it’s gotten only 109 views. This needs some well-deserved pub.

The revolutionary Billy Preston dabbled in some keyboard work with the Rolling Stones back in the huge afro days, and someone managed to capture incredible footage of the Fifth Beatle and the Stones at the LA Forum in July of 1975. Mick Jagger even throws out some Van the Man-style airkicks, and check out the awesome game of Grabass between Billy and Mick about six and a half minutes in.


Damn, Outta Space really might be one of the most underrated tunes of all-time.

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  1. Dude, if you’re going to post videos of Billy Preston doing The Riverdance, then you need to put a disclaimer saying “WARNING: THIS VIDEO FEATURES BILLY PRESTON DOING THE RIVERDANCE” or something like that. You can work with your lawyers on the exact wording, but really…I’m just looking out for YOUR best interests. Because – and this is a very plausible scenario – an unknowing phan stumbles upon HT, clicks on a video that features Billy Preston doing The Riverdance, he/she goes into convulsions or feels violated in some way and…BOOM! goes the lawsuit. Next thing you know, you guys are racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in Gloria Allred legal fees, Jack McCoy’s eyes are bugging out as they put you on the stand and yells during cross-examination: “Ace, are you familiar with THIS? This video that you ‘innocently’ posted on Hidden Track that depicts an afroed Billy Preston doing The Riverdance???” And it just goes downhill from there…you’re serving 15-to-life for violating New York state statute 165D, section C “Inappropriate dissemination of funksters performing Irish jigs.” You’re sent to Leavenworth where you’re bunking with a man named “Scooby” who wants you play “Daphne” to his “Fred” – if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Just think, this could all have been avoided with one, simple disclaimer.

  2. So, did Billy have one of those t-shirts like David Bowie’s? You know, “I f&^í Mick Jagger.” Tee hee!

  3. One can’t mention Billy Preston without bringing up his greatest documented performance, at George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh. BP brings the gospel on ‘That’s The Way God Planned It’. Its arguably the finest performance of the night.

    The Weight

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