Stormy Mondays: The Kickoff

Today we launch a new department: We hope that this space will provide a slew of quality music with which you can properly start your week. And to begin this new beginning, let’s give some love to the title of this downloadable column…

Recahnize the first two bars of this tune?

Welcome to Stormy Mondays, heavy hitting music for Monday movement. This week’s montage opens with the namesake, a dynamically moody version from the end of last summer at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. Next up is a rare live version of David Crosby’s Cowboy Story with Garcia and Lesh on hand. It has a great little set-up from the songwriter before the ensemble attacks with howling guitar and vocals — Jerry’s playing is simply brutal. The third track, a live Down By The River, is right in the same vein, with a deep groove and weighty tone. Enjoy!

Stormy Monday: Allman Brothers at Atlantic City’s House Of Blues in 2006
Cowboy Story: A 1970 David Crosby performance with Garcia and Lesh
Down By the River: Neil Young and Crazy Horse from 1970

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