Friday’s Leftovers: Spreadin’ Rumors

We’re not exactly geeked up about the SummerStage lineup this year. Some good shows and some weak ones, but the only event we’re dying to see is Levon Helm’s return engagement on June 28th. After The Beacon, there’s just no place we’d rather be. The bill for the upcoming show calls for “special guests,” which last time meant Dr. John, Allen Toussaint and Warren Haynes.

This time, could it mean the Lucious Bobby Dylan? As our friend Jesse Jarnow pointed out to us yesterday, guess whose tour stops in Connecticut the night before and Lawn Gisland the night after Levon’s show? Bob doesn’t usually do sit-ins, but for his former drummer, the potential is there. Take it for what it’s worth, but take it nonetheless. Now let’s look elsewhere from the interwebs:

You just never know where a fight is gonna break out these days. The Boston Pops opening night performance with Ben Folds was ruined when Wrestlemania 38 broke out between a shhhh’er and his target at Boston’s Symphony Hall. Elsewhere on Wednesday night Radio City Music Hall security supposedly issued a beat down to an Arcade Fire fan. It’s time to start bringing helmets to indie rock shows…and the freakin’ symphony. That is so punk rock.

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