Pullin’ ‘Tubes: The Kidzz Are Alright

It’s an early summer Friday, and chances are you’re either headed out the door now or doing so shortly. I’m stuck at this goddamn desk, and I don’t like it.

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Before you run out, though, make sure to check out the latest in our “The Kidzz Are Alright” series. Last week we featured some fine, young talent jumping on trampolines while jamming out the popular rock band Phish’s You Enjoy Myself. This week we’ve got a great group of acid jazz students nailing the Greyboy Allstars’ version of Rusty Bryant’s classic Fire Eater. The best and the brightest shine once again — seriously, these kids just fucking crush it:


Lastly, a ‘Tubes update on Rage Against the Machine’s Coachella remarks: As we reported soon after the long-awaited Rage reunion, Zach de la Rocha & Co. got all up in this administration’s dish, and they’re calling for a killing in the name of war crimes. We’ve got the video now, so feel free to click here and check out Rage’s comments. And, oh yeah, enjoy your weekends.

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