Friday Mix Tape: Lotsa Cool Covers

Instead of outsourcing this end-of-the-week department to cheaper Indian or Chinse laborers, I’ve decided to take another stab at it myself. This week’s blends together some of the least eclectic tunes you’ll find in this space, but I’ve been cleaning out random music files from my the hard drive of my work computer, and these six jumped out at me as must-shares (somehow I’ve also amassed three great Suskind Hotels in a file called, you guess it, “Suskind Hotels”).

None of these downloads require any fancy introduction or unzipping technology, so just click on each link below and enjoy your pebbles.


That Overkill is truly awesome…you may want to listen to that, like, right now.  

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4 Responses

  1. Great mix!

    Ever since I saw Colin Hay play Overkill on Scrubs, I’ve gotten way into his men at work.

  2. “Ever since I saw Colin Hay play ‘Overkill’ on Scrubs …”

    THAAAAAAT’S where I heard it!!!


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