Friday Mix Tape: Random Batch o’ Live Shit

It’s Uncle Neddy‘s mix tape time, so let’s all gather ’round and listen up… 

Let’s finish the week with a nice random batch of live music from this year, with a little emphasis on the ladies. St. Vincent is my new crush, so it was great to find out her last set at Mercury Lounge (reviewed somewhere in here) was up for download. Not sure what this track is called, but, dude, whatever. Throw in some nice radio-friendly Jesse Sykes and a SXSW groove from Amy Winehouse, and the estrogen should be flowing nicely.


Now it’s time to mix in the testosterone: Don’t get no muy macho than Rose Hill Drive (show reviewed here; download the whole thing here and here) and Wolfmother. Round it off with some of The Sea and Cake. I’m seeing them tonight, but by the time you read this, it will have been last night. I had a great/shitty/eh? time (circle one). Enjoy the tunes, and also the weekend.

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