Can You Point Me to the Merch Igloo?

When Al Gore invented the upcoming 24-hour Live Earth concert event, many people questioned whether he’d fulfill his ambition of putting a band on every continent. Can you actually arrange for a band to fly or sail in and out of heady Antarctica in July, where its winter and shit is frozen solid?

No chance for a big field of mud here

The answer, according to the British Antarctic Survey, is no. But have no fear, Gorebrahh, the show must go on, even if the chicks are freezing their tits off:

But all was not lost. BAS officials told Gore that a band was already in place on the South Pole. BAS press representative Linda Capper told blogger Tim Slagle, “We have a house band — five of our science team. They are very good indie rock-folk fusion. The remaining 17 will be the audience on location.”

Good fucking lord. Even in Antarctica you can’t escape the indie rock-folk fusion trend that’s been taking popular music by storm. Will we see a Devendra Banhart sit-in? Play whatcha want, Scientist, but at least gimme an It’s Ice encore.

(By the way, if you read through the comments section of that Antarctica article, you’ll find this gem: “AL GORE IS GAY ———————————–: I saw him sucking Bill Clinton’s cock on a tour of the White House in ’96! Fucking funny shit!”)

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