Friday’s Leftovers: One Festy at a Time

Sure Bonnaroo just started, but Superfly is already looking ahead, announcing the third-annual Vegoose Festival will return to Vegas. Vegoose will take place at Sam Boyd Stadium on Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th, and Vegoose At Night will bring acts to all different city venues from Friday through Sunday. Look for a lineup announcement towards the end of summer…


This week we debut a new Leftovers graphic, thanks to the hard work of our buddy Felonious Monk. We want to have his babies. While you ponder how that’d work, we’ll present you with the best of the the rest from the web:

Have a great weekend, and be sure to kindly thank your father on Sunday for getting busy with your mom back in the day…that’s hot.

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  1. I hear ya, Fluff…you’ve been tellin’ me that for two years, and one day I’ll take you up on the offer. Although nothing will ever beat that Vegas ’00 run, saving you guys seats at the T&M in exchange for a glimpse at the Bellagio high life!

    Anyway, I strongly recommend everyone check out that TLG at Coda video we put up there in this post. Man, those two shows were incredible, and this serves as a great reminder of a six-set, two-night stand in a small room when a young band of marauders came to town and ripped shit up.

  2. Oh Man, 2000 Pheesh was a joke. I cant remember a place with more energy other Phish NYE at the Garden when they cam back or maybe one or two Dead shows. It was off the charts and more fun that a human being should be allowed. I owe you one Ace. Now get to the Goose already!


  3. I was wondering what happened to that footage of TLG. I just watched “Georgie P” and I give it a rating of “funky to quite funky.” In related news, an insider on the scene in Manchester, TN reports that TLG “ripped shit up last night. People will be talking about that set.”

  4. Chilly, I got that text as well. Only I got it with about 6 others from the festival — so either my phone sucks or texts and emails are coming in very slowly from the field.

    Either way, long live TLG.

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