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Just yesterday we posted a torrent of Pearl Jam’s appreance at Festimad Sur in Madrid last week, saying the band sounded “tight as fuck.” We then lamented our only chance to see them in these United States would come at Lollapalooza, which neither of us can attend. So, basically, we’re shit out of live Pearl Jam luck.


Luckily for us, though, not all hope is lost on the live front. The band will be releasing Pearl Jam Live at the Gorge on June 26th, a seven-disc set from Pearl Jam’s three sold-out shows at the Washington state venue. Good times:

Pearl Jam announces the release of Pearl Jam Live at the Gorge 05/06, a 7 disc box set of the band’s three scorching sold-out George, Washington shows that kicked off and concluded the band’s extensive world tour. Live at the Gorge is comprised of seventy-six individual songs that aptly capture the energy of the band and 75,000 hometown fans over the course of three memorable nights. The setlists span Pearl Jam’s 17-year career, including the band’s classics, their rarely-played but oft-requested rarities, and their most-loved cover songs.

And now, as part of our Everybody Wins When I Plug Something And In Return They Offer Me Free Shit To Give Away contest, we’ll send you a one-CD promo copy of this set if you chime in below and answer this query: Which band is the best musical act to come out of the Pacific Northwest, and in 25 words or less, tell us why…comment away, and be sure to leave your e-mail address.

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33 Responses

  1. I’m going to say Pearl Jam. They’ve been creating memories for me since my youth, up to now. And the Daughter>It’s Ok from their Live Touring Band 2000 is a work of pure genius. E. Veder knows how to get under the skin of a crowd.

    Well that was more then 25 word….

  2. I’d say hendrix, but he didn’t use Seattle as a launching point. PJ obviously has stood the test of time, and continues to put out quality rock

  3. Leaving Hendrix out, and though I’m specially fond of Pearl Jam, I must objectively say Soundgarden. Tightest band since Zeppelin, I’d say.

  4. I’ll go with Pearl Jam too, Nirvana being a close second. PJ because of their longevity, ass-kickery and willingness to take on Ticketmaster.

  5. Again, besides Jimi Hendrix, I’d say that Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, and Everyone Orchestra all deserve mention. As the question is “best musical act”, I have to go with Everyone Orchestra due to sheer talent and their improvisational nature.

  6. Pearl Jam becasue their music is so diverse. They can bring from the highest high to the lowest low all in the same song.

  7. Pearl Jam–because they are consistently good, are genuine, not “rock stars”, care about the environment and care about their fans!! Oh–and they make GREAT music!

  8. Pearl Jam eats gnoobs for breakfast and SIITBs of all the other grunge wannabes that have not withstood the test of time.

  9. Pearl Jam. They are amazing live, always give to their fans, write amazing songs, and do things for charities and things like that.

  10. No band from any geographical location has done more than Pearl Jam has musically while giving a shit about their fans and fellow human beings.

  11. Pearl Jam, they are the greatest modern day rock band of all time. They are the soundtrack of my life. HOF first ballet.

  12. Pearl Jam. They represent a generation, have the best front man in the world, have an enormous following because of their marathon shows and for their contributions to charity.

  13. Critters Buggin’. most unique band out of pacific north west. Amazing musicians playing whatever turns them on with no regard for what audiences will think. And of course their audience loves them. Pearl Jam are boring as hell.

  14. Baby Gramps! Not only is his inimitable Robert Johnson meets Yosemite Sam style mindblowing, but he jammed with Phish on the only “Mice and Bats” ever!

  15. Pearl Jam
    If for no other reason than they respect their fans and provide one hell of a live show.

  16. Probably PJ…When Ten, VS and Vitalogy came out I was in college, and whenever I hear any songs off of those discs it makes me remember the good times of the early 90’s.

  17. Pearl Jam, because I get so amped listening to them that I got my first speeding ticket 2 weeks ago while blasting ‘alive’…and I don’t regret it.

  18. Well I don’t know if this quote goes with the picture, but it references a similar situation, quoted from this awesome, and very long article from Spin.

    “VEDDER: In San Diego we were playing with Nirvana and the Chili Peppers. I had climbed an I-beam that you could kind of wrap your hand around. So I got to the top, and I thought, “Well, how do I get down?” I either just give it up and look like an idiot, or I go for it. So I decided to try it, and it was really ridiculously high, like 100 feet, something mortal. I was thinking that my mother was there, and I didn’t want her to see me die. So somehow I finally got back onstage, finished the song, and went to the side and threw up. I knew that was really stupid, beyond ridiculous. But to be honest, we were playing before Nirvana. You had to do something. Our first record was good, but their first record was better.”

  19. Pearl Jam, due to there emotionally charged shows that take the concertgoers on a 2 hour cathartic journey.

  20. Gotta be Pearl Jam. They have an outstanding stage presence and their commitment to the fans is extraordinary.

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