Notes from the ‘Roo: Sit-in Preview

Another communiqué from TJ: “Tom Morello is backstage here, just said he’s probably going to play with Tool tonight. Richard Thompson was awesome.”


Let’s hope Mr. Morello’s telling the troof to our intrepid reporter. Stay tuned for more coverage, and don’t forget to read TJ’s Day One Overview

Update from from the field (5:20 pm Eastern): John Paul Jones is sitting in with Gillian Welch right this very second…that’s gotta sound delicious. Watch here.

Update from the field (10 am Eastern Saturday): Rage-filled Morello indeed joined Tool last night for Lateralus. Tool also played Jambi, Stinkfist, The Pot, 46&2, Schism (extended), Rosetta Stoned, Flood, Wings For Marie, 10,000 Days, Vicarious and Aenema. Fun was had by all.

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  1. Of course Richard Thompson smoked. Can’t wait to see him in NY soon. And I hope for your sake Morello does sit in with Tool…that would be a fuckign blast. And LOUD.

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