Release the Hounds: ACL Schedule Out

Somebody booked their mid-September flight to Austin, Tejas today, and that somebody is…Estelle Getty. Okay, it’s not that golden girl, it’s this one…it’s me.


I’m an excitable boy, and my emotional arousal grows daily at the prospect of popping my cherry at the Austin City Limits festival this year — needless to say, we’ll have full coverage from deep in the heart when the time comes for boogie.

Organizers did a seriously solid job in booking the three-day, 130-band event, and with the release of the grid today, it’s clear they’ve done remarkable work in placing the round pegs in the round holes. But two major conflicts on the second and third days promise to split families and friends on a level not seen since the Civil War. That’s right, these conflicts are so nasty I’m comparing them to the country’s greatest internal strife that led to the loss of 600,000 lives.

What the hell do we do on Saturday night when the White Stripes take the stage at the same time as Arcade Fire? What the hell do we do the next night when Wilco and My Morning Jacket square off against each other? I want answers.

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  1. AF vs WS = wow
    i love both bands
    in the traditional sense white stripes smoke em
    but AF has more members therefore AF can beat up WS

    just make sure you dont miss amy winehouse……….so hoooooot

  2. Three simple words, Ace. See you there! I too will be popping my ACL Festival (and Austin) cherry….

    The Wilco v. MMJ decision is a killer! Going to have to tilt toward Wilco though. As for Arcade Fire v. White Stripes, AF all the way for me…

  3. Allright, Pete, I’ll see you in three months!

    I love My Morning Jacket, and in fact I listened to the Langerado show today on the way to work, but my Wilco newbishness will not cease unless I see them down there. Argh, tough decisions to be made. Good thing I have 90 days to do it.

  4. Arcade fire and the Stirpes is tough for me but knowing the WS are playing Stubbs on Sunday late night my make it easier to split time at both stages. But MMJ over Wilco is the way I would personally go with that..

  5. I’ll second Scott’s picks. See the Stripes and the Jacket. In fact, show your pride and where a striped jacket.

    Spiritual, shake you to your bones vibes from those bands.

  6. Dude, like any good ACLFest’er, you just do both! Half n half style… that’s what I’ll be doing all weekend long. Full sets are for ninnies!

    See y’all there…

  7. I’m strongly considering going as well. Never been to ACL but I figure this is a good time to start. Only thing is, 3 day advance tix are sold out.

    Does anyone know (a.) how many people to expect each day, and (b.) where is the “late” night schedule? I would love to hit up some late night nows but I can’t find any pertinent info.


  8. Forget the number they’ve capped it at, but it’s a manageable sized crowd, I’ve felt in the past.

    There will definitely be some night shows, but don’t expect a ton… not yet announced as far as I can tell.

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