The White Stripes Play Small Ball

Next up was Icky Thump, which got mashed up into Canon and just brought on a hail storm of rock as Jack just kept teasing the guitar intro over and over again.


Then it was time for Jack to break out the bass for My Doorbell — this is when the audience really started dancing and the energy in the room started to blow the ceiling out. The venue could barely hold the band’s sound, which may be the biggest compliment ever bestowed on a rock duo.


The Stripes played a great mixture of material throughout the night, but to me the highlights were mostly the new songs. Catch Hell Blues just flat-out raged, and Jack’s slide playing was amazing. The main set ended with a Jack version of Black Jack Davey and then Black Math, which saw the entire crowd erupt in a full frenzy.


The encore was highlighted by a fierce version of Ball and a Biscuit, sending us all home tired but begging for more. But we walked out knowing it was a great show, a rare, small event for one of the most important bands in the music scene today, and it served as the perfect appetizer for rest of the duo’s summer tour. See you around, White Stripes, we’ll meet again.


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  1. Wow, I think that might be the first instance of someone being called a “Punkass” in our comments section. I’m shedding tears over here in absolute joy.

    Dan, great job, buddy, thanks for the pics. Sucks that I missed the show — I was busy stuffing my face with a big birthday steak.

  2. Was there. Was Great. Definitely one of the best shows I have seen in a loong time… I HEART MEG WHITE!!!!

  3. Does anyone else find the new single annoying as hell, cause I sure do. Looking forward to MSG though. Hoping I like the album more live.

  4. I’m listening to their set from a few days ago at Bonnarroo and they SUCK! This sounds like two really stoned high school kids practicing Led Zeppelin songs in their parents’ basement- or worse yet- the Presidents of the United States (“She’s Lump, she’s lump, she’s lump…”). Jack White’s guitar tone is all fuzzed-out and warbled- I guess that’s because he plays on a piece-of-shit guitar- though some of the pictures suggest otherwise. The drummer is OK at best- this sounds so raw and unprofessional- they’re just not tight- they sound like they’ve been playing together for a few weeks. I Think I Smell A Rat? I think I smell some noisy, tired, grunge imitators. The fans of this band should get together and build them a time machine so they could go back to 1990, when this sound was original. OK, OK, I know a guitarist-drummer duo is original- but it’s a bad idea- like a football team that only has nine players.

    And Rolling Stone rated this cheeba-monkey as one of the best guitarists of all time. I don’t know what they were smokin’ when they made that call, but if it makes this amateur garage-band bullshit sound good, then I’d like to get some.

  5. yup, best show ever. i wish they only played small venues like this from now on, but that’s impossible seeing as they get bigger every time they put out a new album, which may turn off people who hate when bands get too big. if any band deserves it, it is this one.

  6. forgive the double comments, my internet connection has gone haywire. but NoBowlsBrad seems to be judging the band based on a 320240 video performance of a poorly streamed festival show which is never the best way to judge or appreciate any band.

    go to a show then i dare you to say the same thing again.

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