Has Steve Perry Been Fellating David Chase?

And if the former Journey frontman hasn’t been on his knees worshipping Chase’s junk in the aftermath of The Sopranos’ finale, he oughta give it some thought.


According to the good folks at Billboard.biz (via Idolator), the series finale of The Sopranos has put Journey back on the charts in a big way:

The use of Journey’s single “Don’t Stop Believin'” in the June 10 finale of “The Sopranos” — followed by oodles of media attention for the band and the show — yields big returns on the charts this week. The 1981 track re-enters Hot Digital Songs at No. 21 with 41,000 paid downloads. It’s up 371% in sales compared with the previous week. Concurrently, Journey’s “Greatest Hits” album sold nearly 11,000 units this week — a 111% gain — pushing the set 17-2 with Greatest Gainer honors on the Top Pop Catalog albums chart. It’s the biggest sales week for the album since Christmas 2005, when it shifted 19,000…  

Idolator also notes “the song is also holding steady at the No. 1 spot on iTunes’ Rock tracks list.” The Journey Resurrection is a damn fine story, and we can only hope it sparks a massive internal discussion about a Journey with Steve Perry reunion, regardless of whether or not he can still sing, which he likely can’t.

The real story here is Holsten’s, the diner-esque eatery where the final scene’s non-action takes place. Our well-placed informant tells us Holsten’s now goes through something in the neighborhood of 55 pounds of onion rings a day, three times the pre-Sopranos level. He added, “…and people are all pissed cause they dont serve ’em in the big salad bowl like they did on the show.” Fuckin’ people.

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  1. Journey has always been like nails on a chalkboard to me. So when the series ended on that song (after so much speculation), I couldn’t stop thinking, “What a lame ass song to end it on.”

    Later, still a little perplexed by the non-climax, I tried to analyze Chase went for the forever unresolved cliffhanger. I finally shrugged and said to myself I guess he was saying the series, like life, is all about the journey. Then I went, ooohhhh.

    But it’s still a fucking lame ass song.

  2. Not only does Steve Perry era Journey have some of the lamest power ballads of all time to their credit, but I squarely blame them for Perry’s ill-advised solo work. “Oh Cherie” ratchets the saccharine factor up to a million, and I’m not even mentioning its horrifically dated video. It did have its own prequel video (“Strung Out”) which was only slightly more rocking, which isn’t saying much.

    Neil Schon still kicks ass though, as does original singer Greg Rollie, both Santana alums! The pre-perry Journey was way more jammed out, and Neil had an INCREDIBLE afro. Too much.

  3. Only if they can get Randy “Dawg” Jackson back on bass. I know there are people like me who love this song. What’s your major beef? You guys really consider this song a “lame” power ballad? Tough crowd.

  4. Ohhh Oliver. How do I splain?

    The Journey Escape album was part of a string of albums from great bands turning bad. I give you Genesis Abacab and Billy Joel Glass Houses. Previously legitimate rock bands trying anything to compete with pre-crack Whitney Houston.

    Leaving me nothing to do but turn to the “it’s okay to be gay” and at least moderately innovative melodies of Depeche Mode and Echo and the Bunnymen.

    I’m not making any sense at all. But trust me, I have a point.

  5. Ok, perhaps I misspoke. “Don’t Stop Believin'” doesn’t really qualify in the same lame category I previously mentioned. “Open Arms” definitely is, though. And Randy Jackson, as killer as he is, doesn’t get a pass for his participation on “Send Her My Love.”

    But while we’re talking about Journey bassists, I must give props to Ross Valory: Not only did he get to play with fusion Jedi Steve Smith in the rhythm section, but I believe he also pioneered the use of the B-E-A-D tuning on a 4 string bass instead of using a 5 string. Could be wrong about that.

  6. Ok, you guys are way above my head. I just think there a lot of songs worse than “Don’t Stop Believing” and I really don’t give a shit about Journey’s old material. Whatever… a couple of times this song has hit the spot. I was also born in 1982 so I don’t have as “well rounded” a perspective on the generally bad pop music of this era.

  7. Scotty G you got it right. Ross Valory is one of the founding members of Journey. The only recording he did not participate in was Raised on Radio. As you stated, he is a pioneer of the Nashville tuning. Journey’s music continues to live on after 30 years of being in the business! Rock Legends!

  8. Journey kicked ass back them and they still kick ass. Problem is, too many kids today can’t appreciate a guy like Perry cause they are too inundated with so little talent flooding the airwaves these days. All you need is a hot chick with big boobs and a drug problem and she’s instantly a rock star. I thought it was cool that Chase brought back a rock classic. Bout time somebody did.

  9. Journey still rocks.

    Hey Journey! do you want to play staduims instead of dumps? You’ve all got to make up. Steve, you need to chill and Neal, you need to chill. You have what it takes, now you need to make it work for you. Why can’t we all just get along?

    You guys (the bloggers) are a tough crowd, but you are way too impressed with how deep you are. Give me a break. Journey has always been an awesome band and Steve Perry has some of the best pipes in ROCK. Just get over yourselves. Jonathan Cain invented the power ballad, and all of you boys have benefited from that. If you boys could get half the girls seduced by listening to Open Arms, your life would be complete. You just don’t know good when you hear it. Not my problem.

    Steve, your fans know you’ve been gone much too long. We miss you. You know we do. Please come back and sing to us.

    1. You ask, “Is Steve Perry straight or gay”? What?! Who cares. He was a great singer…that is all that should matter, no? Let’s stay out of people’s bedrooms and just enjoy the music! When I say “was” a great singer, perhaps he still is. Don’t all our voices, bodies, etc. change as we mature.

      Gee, just leave the guy alone and let him enjoy his private life as he so wishes. He deserves it!

    1. Did Steve ever marry or have kids ? I actually don’t know. That girl from the video, together 6 years with Steve or whatever it was….they broke up , and she never married or had kids. Just saying.

  10. Steve Perry and Journey ROCK. They always have and always will for so many of us. The rest of you back off and make positive comments on the sites of groups that you like. Leave out the negativity. Don’t we have enough of that around already. Who needs it really? I repect any artist(s) whether I care for their work or not. Just allow what is and maybe, just maybe, one day we can be a peaceful society once again. Peace

  11. All you idiots are a bunch of fags, except for KT. Journey rocked the 80s, was one of the greatest bands of all time.

    Very few could sing like Perry, and I defy anyone to name one band of this putrid decade of Bush that comes close.

    1. I agree with you. I see that people have become really pissy these days and that’s not cool. I’m so glad I was born in 1959, I saw a lot of great music and great times. Graduated High School in 1977. Can’t imagine anyone whining about a video looking “dated” {I’m not impressed with the low class, trashy,overly slick/ very hyped videos of today}, and why insult a famous singer ? Steve Perry was a great singer and rather sexy too. I love the ballads…..

  12. Personally, I was horrified to see Steve’s name in the same sentence with the word “fellating.” There was a time when people knew the difference between what was appropriate for public consumption and the fodder for an aside to a friend. I miss those days.

  13. You ask, “Is Steve Perry straight or gay”? What?! Who cares. He was a great singer…that is all that should matter, no? Let’s stay out of the bedroom and just enjoy the music! When I say “was” a great singer, perhaps he still is. I haven’t heard him lately. All our voices, bodies, etc. change as we mature.

    Gee, just leave the guy alone and let him enjoy his private life as he so wishes. He deserves it!

    NOT LIKE TODAY’S MUSIC THAT’S ALL COMPUTER GENERATED. THESE DUDES ACTUALLY PLAYED REAL INSTRUMENTS AND SANG WITH THEIR REAL VOICES(with the exception of milli vanilli lol) .They stuff put out today is crap and will always be crap. None of it compares to the music of yesterday.
    Just the opinion of someone who actually grew up in that era and still loves to rock out to the best tunes ever played!

  15. I don’t know this magazine or what crowd it represents but i can almost guarantee not one person writing this article or attached to it has 1% of the talent present in Steve Perry / Journey. And that goes for the commentors on this page. Not in your wildest dreams could you match the talent, energy, discipline of the people who created that era of music. the people who make music today are manufactured and soulless. So don’t put yourselves in the same league as Steve Perry/ Journey cause your not worthy.

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