Start Your Day With Hippie Nostalgia

Truthfully, I thought the mass e-mail about the last-minute set was a joke. So let me get this straight: My favorite band, the guys I’ve spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars on to entertain me in more than a quarter of the states of this union, the guys who I’d probably follow to the ends of the Earth, the guys who just announced they’ll never play again after August, the Phish from Vermont is playing right down the street from my office immediately at the exact time I leave work? And they’re playing atop the marquee of the Ed Sullivan? Seriously? Oh, okay, I guess I’ll go to that. I can’t think of anything better to do.

Try getting that echoing Wiiiiiillllllllsssssooooooonnnnnnn out of your head…

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0 thoughts on “Start Your Day With Hippie Nostalgia

  1. wardy Reply

    what a great time that was. Ironically that short little unexpected midday treat has become one of the best phish memories I have


  2. Neddy Reply

    Loved it… damn fun, YouTube will help me never forget anything ever again.

    2001>Wilson… that’s why I loved that band.

  3. Ace Cowboy Reply

    Damn straight, Ned. That Wilson echo went allllll the way down Broadway to Times Square — I’ll never, ever, ever forget that as long as I live, YouTube or not.

    I need the whole set on DVD. I know it circulates.

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