‘Roo SuperJam Goes Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

?uestlove‘s gotta be one tired motherfucker right now. Bonnaroo’s Man of the Match anchored three separate bands and logged countless hours on the festival’s various stages down in the dusty heat of Manchester, Tennessee.


HT Hip Hop Correspondent J-Cantor ain’t tired, though. He’s been combing the ol’ information superhighway for any information he can find about ?uestlove’s festival performances, be it with The Roots, The Philadelphia Experiment or the SuperJam with Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and Ben Harper.

JC just alerted us to ?uestlove’s MySpace page, which documents the drummer’s tiredness and features an incredible behind-the-scenes video of the weekend’s powerest trio rehearsing together for the first time. There’s been less than 600 views as of post time, so you probably haven’t seen this — check out this cool clip of the three musicians feeling each other out at the Holiday Inn:


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  1. Imagine popping into that multi-purpose room when looking for the Fizsimmons wedding reception at the Holiday Inn with that shit going on – better have your camera

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