10KLF Ticket Giveaway: Spin In This Crowd

We’ve written extensively on the upcoming 10,000 Lakes Festival, one of the few surviving jamband-centric music events left in the live music scene.

Now, with an assist from our friend AJ at WFOV‘s Sharin’ In The Groove radio show (which airs every Wednesday night from 6-10 Eastern), we’re offering two lucky people the opportunity to each win a pair of tickets to this summer’s installment.


So if you’re on the fence but don’t have the money for ducats, or if you’re already going but searching for them, today’s your lucky day. All we ask is that you write in with a comment below, explaining in 10 words or less why you deserve the golden tickets to the festival. And no, that’s not a typo, we really want your answer in 10 words. Be serious, be offbeat, be Shirley, just be. Let us know why you should win the tickets to see this cool lineup from July 18th-21st.

Seriously, don’t miss your chance to see WookieFoot and Cosmic Fingertrap. Check back next Friday, when we’ll announce the two winners here…

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  1. Armchair judging (thus far):

    Joco should be one winner with his lawschool in august comment.

    Then a toss up between Stupac and andy for the other.

  2. I am finally enjoying the summer off from teaching, after a few years of grad school. I am not really doing any festivals this summer, for the first time in forever. I would love to go to this, I just can’t see myself spending the ducats. Help me out, hidden track.

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