The Week That Was: You’re All Winners

I thought of a great band name this weekend: Ethnic Cleanser. If you’re an aspiring band, go ahead and steal it. I’m totally cool with that.

On a separate note, the 10KLF Ticket Giveaway is officially closed and the winners have been notified. We’d like to Special Olympics this contest and give everyone a pair of tickets and a small faux chalice, but unfortunately I’ve only got so many ducats to dole out (How cool is it to use “Special Olympics” as a verb?). Thanks for entering, and hopefully we can continue to will away free shiite more often. Stay tuned, and congratulations to Joco and Andy for snagging free entry to a well-run festival.


Now let’s turn our attention to a sample of The Week That Was here…

We hope you enjoyed the UB40 performance at Live Earth as much as us…

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