Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Don’t Mess With Mama Fratelli

We’re not a filter. We don’t pretend to be the first guys on the scene. We won’t find you the hot new band that’ll probably suck in two weeks time. What we do is relatively simple: We tell you what we like — what we’ve liked for years or what we’ve recently discovered — and if that squares up with your tastes, everyone goes home happy. Plain and simple. If we feature a hippie noodlefest or an indie band only a self-cutter could love, it’s because we like ’em, not because we’re trying to look cool. Looking cool is for Jim McMahon and Miracle Whip commercials.

The Fratellis is one of those bands that don’t fit into the usual spectrum around here, but I just really dig ’em. I couldn’t tell you what kind of love they’re getting elsewhere, whether they’re already older than my dad’s socks and that the kidzz are over ’em. What I do know is that they’ve got catchy tunes and they play well together, and no matter what label they’re wearing at the time, they’ll have a place on this here rag. So let’s take a look at my favorite tune of theirs: Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.


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