Special Hors d’Oeuvres: Live Earth Edition

Live Earth played the center of the music world for more than 24 hours this weekend. While we can’t really say if the concerts saved the world — actually, we can say it: they didn’t — we did enjoy much of the music. And since this blog is about music, and not, say, harmful greenhouse gases, that’s cool with us.

We’ll have a full non-Al Gore batch of links on the heels of this special edition, but for now, let’s take one last look at what people are saying about Live Earth:

  • Live Earth set a new streaming record
  • Call Kanye: Bob Lefsetz doesn’t care about Live Earth
  • Some people liked Kanye West and John Mayer sitting in on Message In A Bottle, and some people just hated the shit out of it
  • The nearly cancelled event in Rio drew the biggest attendance
  • Spinal Tap rounded up most of the bass players in London for Big Bottom
  • Austin Scaggs’ Smoking Section brings us backstage at Wembley
  • Spinner did a great job of covering the festival, including a great live blog
  • Here’s a neutral piece from the WashPost about how it’ll take 100,000 trees to offset the effects of Live Earth…yaaaay, environment!
  • Former farmer Pablo Fajardo came from Ecuador to Giants Stadium to bring attention to his lawsuit against Chevron Corp.

And if you haven’t seen our giant collection of Live Earth videos that we culled from the wild, wild Internets, click here for a full treasure trove of goodies…

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