Pullin’ ‘Tubes: No Hideo Need Apply

An Ann Arbor-based post-afrobeat band called NOMO pulled through New York City last night, although I had some dinner plans and missed the gig (spoiler: I tried the veal). But NOMO’s show at Joe’s Pub last year blew me away, prompting me to call it the best under-the-radar performance of last year in our Best of 2006 post. So in (dis)honor of my poor scheduling tactics, I’d like to use today’s Pullin’ ‘Tubes entry to highlight a young band with serious, serious chops that everybody should catch at least once. The baritone sax player can blow, and the rest of the band brings an energy that some stinkin’ wooks may refer to as “cosmic.” Like their baseball namesake, they’ve got an effective delivery — check it:


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  1. Does post-afrobeat mean all crackers? Oh wait, naturally the bass player is black. “All right, Token, give me a smooth bass line” heheh. Just kidding, pretty good band.

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