77 Phatty Grilled Cheeses & Huge Drum Circle

We’ve always warned people not to get involved in drum circles in the lots. It’s lame, it’s cheesy, and unless you’ve got a head full of nitrous, it’s overrated noise.


But when 77 drummers showed up in the Empire-Fulton part of the park under the Brooklyn Bridge on 07/07/07 to play with Japanese collective The Boredoms for an event called 77BOADRUM, what seemed like the the whole city tried to show up. More people were shut out than granted entry, but everyone that made it inside the park left glowing over the high-caliber, four-star-quality event.

Reports from the event are sprouting all over the world wide netweb, and you can Google any of the key words in this post for more information about its greatness. (JustfuckingGoogleit.) But our old resident podcaster general Newman went down there for the day, and he came back with a mountain of cool photos and a couple of stellar videos from the inside for us. Here’s one:


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  1. Cool! Thanks Ace. Yeah, it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of day. And big cans of Sapporo were only $5! Now for this Saturday, I’ve heard they’ve got this zoo-full of animals up in the Bronx. Hmmm.

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