Exclusive Tracks: A Big Yes and a small no

Hipster Brooklyn’s Luna Lounge will host one of our favorite New York-based bands on Monday night. Kevin Kendrick’s A Big Yes and a small no takes the stage at 10 pm with a decidedly Fat Mama-esque lineup to make Dope Pop the next biggest genre in music. Shit, we just wanna see the vibraphone go mainstream…

Archived photo by Cat Horton

We reviewed Kendrick’s 30th birthday show in late February, a show that blew us away in both its lyrical and musical prowess. And as the vibes virtuoso and his ragtag collective continue to prepare its unmixed and unmastered album for public release, A Big Yes and a small no have partnered with the sexy bloggers at Hidden Track to offer you the chance to win a free ticket to the show on Monday. Just send an e-mail to [email protected] for your chance to see an under-the-radar band that should infinitely more big-time than it is.

We’re also proud to stream two exclusive tracks from The Big Yes and a small no’s forthcoming album right here, right now. Check out these tracks, which will surely be polished and ready for release some time soon (no date yet):

I’m Always Manic: Written by Kevin, this track was recorded at Cowboy Technical Services. It features Jonti Siman (Bass), Brian Griffin (Drums), Eric Deutsch (Hammond Organ), Jon Gray (trumpet), Brett Joseph (Saxophone), Moira Meltzer Cohen (vocals), Brian Drye (Trombone) and Kevin Kendrick (Vocals, Vibraphone & Guitar). This is pretty much the final unmixed version.

Jesus That Looks Terrible On You: Co-written by Kevin & Jonathan Goldberger. Recorded at Studio G, “Jesus” features Jonti Siman (Bass), Joe Russo (Drums), Eric Deutsch (Hammond Organ), Jonathan Goldberger (Guitar) and Kevin Kendrick (Vocals & Vibraphone). This version is the most recent, but still unfinished.

So send an e-mail to the above address and head on over to Luna Lounge on Monday night. A show featuring Kevin and his usual suspects — Sir Joe Russo, Jonti Simon, Eric Deutsch, Jonathan Goldberger and more — I’m guaranteeing a good time. Like Wayne Campbell, I’m giving you the no-hurl guarantee.

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