Place Your Bets On This Flaky Strumpet

Everyone’s favorite British Jew has made a terrible habit of cancelling performances at the last minute. So oddsmakers in our old mercantile motherland are taking bets on whether Amy Winehouse will show up to her next gig. Hey, Lily Allen may be drunk and tardy, but at least she shows up. Sometimes.


According to NME, the company I won 45 pounds from when I bet Dirk Kuyt would score first in the 1/30/07 Liverpool v. West Ham match is offering odds:

Bookmakers William Hill are offering 1/2 odds on Amy Winehouse not turning up to her next gig, scheduled to be Tuesday’s (July 17) Eden Sessions show at The Eden Project in Cornwall….

“Amy has cancelled too many gigs for us not to give out odds,” said a William Hill representative. “The concert is next week, so she’ll have to sort herself out for that and I can’t see it happening.”

I’d like to place odds that she’ll dyke out with Madonna at an awards show soon.

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  1. And maybe we should place a more long-term wager, Ace… will we be seeing Wino at the ACL Festival as scheduled?? Or will she be saying “yes yes yes” to rehab at that point?

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