The Week That Was: Teach Us a New Word

I know this sounds weird, but I just got home from a 27-hour stint at summer camp. And yet I still caught a great show this weekend: Former campers from the Northeast and Florida may recognize the name Ron Dagan, the schmaltzy local legend who has made a three-decade living on Cats In The Cradle.

Dagan and his band (his two sons and a son’s friend) played some TV theme songs, three originals and a splash of Linkin Park before ending the set with a kickass Immigrant Song > Twist and Shout. Camp! Geeks! Awesome!

An unrelated picture, for the hell of it…

But that was the weekend that was — let’s look back at the week that was:

I’m beat. I think it’s about time to hit the ol’ dusty trail…

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