Page McConnell To Appear at Simpsons Premiere

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Get you secret language skills ready: Page McConnell has been tapped to make a special appearance tomorrow in Springfield, Vermont for the premiere of the Simpsons Movie. The sleepy town in Vermont recently beat out 13 other Springfields to win the honors of hosting the “hometown” premiere.

The Chairman of the Boards will be performing as part of the yellow carpet/VIP gathering before the movie begins. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it just wouldn’t be a true Vermont affair without a member of the popular rock band Phish. What symbolizes the headiness of that state more than The Phish from Vermont? Perhaps Page can convince some of his former bandmates to join him. Groening and the movie’s director David Silverman will be among those flying in from the Simpsons’ main office in California for the event.

McConnell recently completed a western tour, highlighted by a show-stopping appearance at the High Sierra Music Festival. Page has mentioned in interviews that the band will be doing another tour in October, so expect some tour dates soon.

UPDATE 7/21 4:00 PM: Our buddy DaveO reports that McConnell played an hour long set with his band at the premiere in Springfield. The event was open to the public, and about 100 people were watching the set. Former Ramble Dove bass player Mike Gordon sat in for scorching versions of Back in the Basement and Cars Trucks Buses. Page teased the Simpsons theme song throughout Cars Trucks Buses, and ended the show by saying “goodnight Springton, there will be no encore.”

Photo via DaveO

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  1. Actually, it’s “Goodnight Springton, there will be no encore”, a few people boo’d and Page quickly explained, “C’mon people, it’s a Simpsons reference”

  2. soory, lieutenant. it’s not a sign. All the guys from phish still use their old cases. trey used his for all the oysterhead shows, and mike did with ramble dove (not sure about his stuff with leo)

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