Pullin’ ‘Tubes: A Canopy of Greed

I had a whole My Morning Jacket post full’a YouTubes all set to go today, but then I stumbled upon these wicked Blind Melon clips from — shit, could it really be 15 years ago? — October 1992 and felt compelled to post them instead. Let that be a lesson, Jim James: OD on us and you too can get top billing one day.

I first fell in love with much of Blind Melon’s catalog after Shannon Hoon’s death. The song Change used to emanate nightly from the jukebox of the deep-country bar we frequented every summer, and from there I began to recognize the genius I had written off when they were actually, you know, a working band. Eventually Tones of Home became a staple on my first iPod, and this video from a 1992 performance really takes it to a whole new level. Behold:


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