Friday Mix Tape: Filth Flarn Fleck Flarn

It’s Uncle Neddy’s mix tape time, so let’s all gather ’round the campfire and listen to what our main man has in store for us this week…

I promised some Bela Fleck to round out the banjo hit back in on Ace’s birthday in late June. And believe it or not, I still had trouble cutting it all down, so take 100 MB and be done with it. Damn, this guy is prolific on all fronts, so I tried to get a good taste with a host of different playing partners, sit-ins, etc. But I even though I can’t get it all in, it don’t get much better than this. Enjoy!


01 The Yee-Haw Factor — Béla Fleck & The Flecktones: UFO Tofu
02 Fixin’ To Die — Col. Bruce Hampton & ARU: Syracuse, NY 5/6/93
03 Emperor’s Mare — Bela Fleck/Jie Bing Chen/V.M. Bhatt: Tabula Rasâ
04 Unfolding — Strength In Numbers: Strawberry Music Festival, CA 9/2/90
05 David Bowie — Phish: Salt Lake City, UT 8/21/93
06 “Sitar Banjo tune” — Bela Fleck And Sandip Burman: Schenectady, NY 5/12/00
07 Solar — Béla Fleck & Edgar Meyer: Music For Two

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