Friday Mix Tape: Grab Bag Candy Gram

It’s Friday, it’s raining, it’s dark, it’s drear, and the only thing that saw me through this morning’s wet commute was the soulful yelping of Otis Redding. So this morning we’re bundling one of my Otis favorites with five other songs that sound nothing like each other to bring you true miscellany in this week’s download.


I can’t promise that all the mp3s in this week’s edition are tagged correctly, but I can promise that you’ll enjoy the shit out of it. Here’s what’s what:

1952 Vincent Black Lightning — The Del McCoury Band
FA FA FA FA FA (Sad Song) — Otis Redding
I’m The Man Who Loves You — Wilco
I’m Waiting For The Man — Lou Reed (Hampton ’72)
Rainbow’s Cadillac — Bruce Hornsby (8/29/95)
The Seed 2.0 — Cody ChestnuTT with The Roots

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  1. Good lord Otis is the fucking man. The one the only king of soul. By the way “Respect Yourself: The Stax Records” story on PBS is definitely worth checking out. For my money, Stax blows Motown out of the water. Gimme that SOUL!

  2. You said it, Oliver…Otis really is the man. There’s a live boot called Try a Little Tenderness that that version’s from, and it’s just sickness.

    And, yeah, Scott, that could be one of the best songs ever. I got turned onto it at Scott Metzger solo shows, and I have it stuck in my head all the damn time.

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