Pull-Out Method: No Ryan Adams at moe.down

Utilizing the ol’ bait and switch to perfection, organizers of the eighth-annual moe.down announced today that Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party will replace Ryan Adams & The Cardinals at this year’s Labor Day festival. That sucks, but it could be worse: the original backup plan was Perry Farrell’s Lemon Party.


We’re not entirely sure what happened to Mr. Adams, but we sincerely doubt there’s any truth to the vicious rumor that Ryan Montbleau so badly wanted to be the best Ryan on the grounds that he threatened to visit blunt-force trauma upon Adams’ kneecaps with a 1986 game-used Tim Teufel Louisville Slugger.

After the swap, in addition to six sets of moe., this year’s performers now include: Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party, The Roots, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, Amos Lee, Meat Puppets, Strangefolk, State Radio, Al and the Transamericans, Rolla, Ryan Montbleau Band, Lotus, Ra Ra Riot, Ha Ha the Moose, The Brakes, Uncle Earl, VietNam, Acoustic Forum.

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  1. Who has never heard of Lemon Party?! It was even on 30 Rock for chrissakes! Anyway, my apologies. I was trying to enlighten and educate on the beauty of our elders and mansex. You should be thanking me.

  2. Whoa! I didn’t know what a Lemon Party was either. I’m glad no one was around when I opened it at work, senor douche! Although, Alice was looking over my shoulder and I think he dug it.

  3. Ace! You actually linked to a pic of LEMON PARTY!?

    Holy shit.

    Please refrain from EVER linking to meat spin or tubgirl while you’re at it. Or really of anything of that nature.

    You are going to hell.

    See you there.

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