Caption Contest: First Let Me Do Some Of This, Then I’ll Bash Your Hippie F*cking Skull In

All reports from this past weekend’s Gathering of the Vibes have been overwhelmingly positive (of course: positive vibes, brahh). But the best thing to come out of this thing may be the following photo, which our friend Henge forwarded to us courtesy of the good people on the GOTV message board:


So what say you? Take your best shot and win a Honus Wagner rookie card.*

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  1. After being released from the force in Detriot, famed “pot-brownie” cop, Officer Edward Sanchez is seen here enjoying his new job working festival security at last weekend’s Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport, CT.

  2. Officer Rick joined the force in the wake of String Cheese Incident’s retirement. “This is how we used to shake it at Horning’s!” he hooted at his disbelieving partner.

  3. Police Officers at Gathering of the Vibes participate in a time-honored traditional contest to decide who gets to keep the day’s confiscated marijuana.

  4. “See John, this is how you blend in with these patchouli wearing douchebags. Then you can slowly hoop up to them and bust ’em up proper. It’s hippie camo.”

  5. Lost “Dragnet” footage here of the PAGAN (People Against Goodness and Normalcy) festival scene with the man-eating snake and the virgin Connie Swail.

  6. I think it is safe to say that this is not the same crew that worked Wakarusa 2006! Now all he needs is a glow stick halo.

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