“Some Stupid Metal Bee Gees Abortion”

From the people that brought you the face-melting, seizure-inducing Bustle In Your Hedgerow comes the next great quasi-tribute band: Tragedy makes its debut at BB King’s Blues Club this Thursday night, opening for The Aquabats.

(Click here to enlarge the Tragedy flyer)

The all-metal, fuck-your-face tribute to the Bee Gees has at least eight shows lined up along the east coast, and after sampling the raucously imaginative versions of More Than a Woman and Stayin’ Alive the group has posted on its MySpace page, we think you’d all be silly little fuckers not to take in the latest offering from the folks at Rocks Off, or Rocks Offering if you will.

Among the planned shows, Tragedy opens for Umphrey’s McGee at the Nokia Theatre on October 20th. We just hope Umphrey’s can follow the madness.

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  1. Sweet, Shag! Thanks for the heads up.

    No real household names, Oliver…the band mixes a few people from Satanicide, Moi and Children of the Unicorn. I’m told Brooklyn-based keyboardist Corn Mo will be playing with the band but not on the first couple gigs. Three frontmen, though, just like the Brothers Gibb.

    I can’t make it Thursday, but I think it’s a hilarious project.

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