[email protected]#kfaces Always Ruin It for the Rest of Us

Those of you looking to partake in some schwillage in the PNC Bank Arts Center parking lot before Wednesday’s Allman Brothers & RatDog show can forget it. More than a handful of no-good fonzanoons have already fucked that up for you: Following a summer of mayhem in the venue’s lots, officials have officially banned all alcohol on the scene. That means you, too.


And while it’s easy to make jokes, the arrest numbers themselves are actually astounding. In addition to the 83 people arrested at this weekend’s Ozzfest show, police apprehended 54 people at the August 10th Incubus concert and a stunning 92 revelers at O.A.R. last Saturday. We bet that was a Crazy Game of Crying Hysterically While Calling Your Parents To Bail You Out.

But lest you think it’ll be an altogether sober experience, alcohol will continue to be sold inside the venue. Drink in those profits, PNC, drink ’em in.

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