Red Return: Fast Forwarding Thru Jibberish

As we reported late last Tuesday night, former Oysterhead sideman Trey Anastasio returned from a five-month hiatus to sit on with Dave Matthews Band on Lie In Our Graves at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

Some fairly shitty videos of the one-and-out cameo have hit YouTube since the 14th, but finally someone’s posted a superb look at Big Red’s reemergence. It’s a fairly subdued performance, until we reach the five minute mark, when Trey opens it up and takes it to the car wash (presumably to get it waxed, and then air dry that shit). Haters, fluffers, everyone’s got an opinion on Crimson Dego’s appearance, but now you can watch it in all its glory:


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  1. dmb wouldn’t be half bad if their tour bus drove to the next gig and the band *forgot* to make sure boyd was on it. trey helps too i guess.

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