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Grateful Dead 06/06/1970 SBD [MP3 PT1, PT2, PT3]:

Our friend Chappy turned us onto the following Dead show; take it away ol’ Chap:

Hot shit, early Grateful Dead! This recording is a nice-sounding soundboard of a prime Grateful Dead show on their home turf. Mid-1970 was a turning point in the Dead’s history following the release of Workingman’s Dead, but prior to the release of American Beauty. The sounds of American folk and country were being fully embraced, getting added to the raw psychedelia and blues they’d been peddling since 1966. Over the past few months, this has been in heavy rotation at the Chappy residence — one of my favorite doses of the Good Ol’ Grateful Dead.

See if the band’s horrendous harmonies during the beautiful ‘Attics Of My Life’ don’t send your dog into spasms of howling and barking.

The Breakfast 08/23/2007 DAUD [FLAC, MP3, STREAM]

Terry O’Brien makes his HT debut by telling us about The Breakfast’s recent show:

The Breakfast, who had been performing as a trio for the past year after Jordan Giangreco left the band, recently added keyboardist Matt “Striker” Oestreicher to their line-up, making them a four-piece once again. Matt made his debut performance at the Gathering Of The Vibes and solidified himself as a permanent member by playing their next two shows at Camp Bisco and Phanphest.

The new ensemble’s next stop was New Haven, where they showcased Matt’s skills to their hometown crowd at the legendary Toad’s Place on August 23rd. Breakfast fans gave the new formula a rousing two thumbs up, and it showed on the dance floor as well as on their faces. There was quite a buzz amongst the attendees after the show, and most agreed they just witnessed the best version of Grand Scheme Of Things ever played. Psygn was another highlight of the evening, as they it broke it down into a dark, dirty bass and drums jam.

Not since Jimmy Herring joined Widespread Panic have I seen a fan base embrace a new member with such enthusiasm. The future looks bright for The Breakfast. It’s the beginning of a new age.

Umphrey’s McGee 8/25/2007 SBD [FLAC, MP3,] + DAUD [FLAC, MP3, STREAM]

Photo by Joel Berk

Every time I think Umphrey’s McGee has hit their ceiling they just keep on raising the bar. On August 25th and 26th, the band headlined the Riverview Festival in their present hometown of Chicago. During both shows the band displayed improvisational fireworks that turned five-minute songs into 20-minute epic jams. Jamming for a long time isn’t impressive in itself, but jamming cohesively with direction for 20 minutes is unheard of.

For an example of where Umphrey’s is going, check out the Wife Soup opener of the opening night of Riverview. Umphrey’s tacks on a beautiful jam, which sounds composed but wasn’t, right in the middle of the song. When the band returns to Wife Soup it is with a ferocious energy that drives the crowd into a frenzy.

For a few years it seemed that the band played it too straight during Chicago gigs, but lately Umphrey’s has saved their best for the midwest core of fans. Other highlights from three tasty sandwiches: The Crooked One > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > The Crooked One, JaJunk > Intentions Clear > JaJunk and Pay The Snucka > Hangover > Pay The Snucka.

Umphrey’s McGee is playing so well lately, that I still wonder how much farther they can take it? Only time will tell, but for now let’s just enjoy the ride.

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  1. I’d love to see Fishman join up with YMSB on a full-time basis, if only to get this guy out on the road and geeked up for the eventual reunion. There’s only so much cow-fucking a man can do in the privacy of a barn. Get out there, Fish!

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