Friday’s Leftovers: Free Echo Tickets

Our corporate papa Glide Magazine is giving away a pair of tickets to the inaugural Echo Project in Atlanta on October 12th – 14th. It’s comforting to see a festival that isn’t scared to book pretty much all of the big-time jambands as part of a well-rounded rock lineup. Phil Lesh leads a stellar roster that includes The Flaming Lips and Les Claypool among the many artists that give the festie some variety. So check out that first link and score yourself some free ducats.

It’s been a whirlwind four-day post-Labor Day week for us, so let us all share in the shit we missed by leaving a comment below…you’ll feel better about things.

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0 thoughts on “Friday’s Leftovers: Free Echo Tickets

  1. makeithappen77 Reply

    Loved the stage banter link. One of my personal favorites remains Moe.’s Rob Derhak from the 1.21.97 Monkey’s on Ecstasy show at the Wetlands: “Rohypnol: Elephant Tranquilizers. You ever find yourself someplace you don’t want to be, take one of those. When you wake up, you’ll be someplace different.”

  2. The Mad Hatter Reply

    Epic stage banter list…missing Mr. Dave Matthews, that guy is hilarious. There’s even a whole website devoted to his banter – I remember at the X-Mas jam last year he had some nonsense about how the pink elephants were coming to eat his face….

    Also, my friend and I were discussing today about how awesome it is to blatantly lie to the audience. Banter equates to epicness.

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