Dance, Bitch: Satellite Party Means What It Says

The band was tight. Not only did they play flawlessly, but you could tell the kind of sound Perry was looking for simply by the band’s name. To be sure, they didn’t have that hard edge that was prevalent in “Strays” (Janes’ last studio effort), and even the songs played off of Strays had a different, danceable feel to them. “Just Because” was a little slower, and less rockin’, but with a groove behind it. Instead of screaming the chorus, Perry was a little more reserved, but it worked. The song sounded great. I think the mantra of the evening was: This is how the songs would sound if it were only Perry in control.

Swigging a bottle of wine on stage and pulling fans on stage, Perry tore through the rest of the set, stopping in between songs to talk to the audience and tell them how much he loves New York and his “family” here tonight.

The highlights for me would be Pets, Been Caught Stealin’ and the extended Jane Says. I was also pleasantly surprised that the newer songs I wasn’t too fond of on the new SP album were great live. The band was also great live. The guitarist and bassist were very animated and extremely talented. No Dave Navarro and Eric Avery, but we may not have heard such different versions of some older tunes if Dave and Eric were playing as well. I highly recommend seeing these guys if they come to your neck of the woods.

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party – 9/5/07 – Irving Plaza, New York City
Wish Upon A Dog Star
Just Because
Tahitian Moon
Mountain Song
Hard Life Easy
Only Love, Let’s Celebrate
Been Caught Stealin’
Ultra Payloaded

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Jane Says

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  1. Nice review, Mr. East…good to know aging rockers can still make people dance like ecstasy is still the drug of choice.

    I think if you polled most people Pets would be generally panned, but that’s always been a favorite song of mine. In fact, I think that song got me into Farrell and then backwards into Jane’s Addiction, rather than the traditional route most people enjoy of loving Jane Says/BCStealin’ > hating Porno for Pyros. To each…

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