Wednesday Intermezzo: Festival Overload

It’s time to fire up the Random Jamband Festival Lineup Generator once again: Umphrey’s McGee, Little Feat, Perpetual Groove and Rose Hill Drive have been tabbed to headline the Bear Creek Music Festival in Quincy, Florida on the weekend of November 16th – 18th. Tickets are on sale now for $70, but will increase to $85 this Sunday. This is great news, because I just saying to Ace, “You know what we need many more of? Festivals!” At this rate, within two years every weekend on the calendar will have a giant throwdown somewhere.

If we missed anything you deem oh-so-newsworthy, fee free to give us a shout by leaving a comment below…it’s considered cool to leave comments.

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0 thoughts on “Wednesday Intermezzo: Festival Overload

  1. ginz Reply

    When are they going to announce HT Battle Royale Festy?

    where only the strongest bands will survive

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