Hey, It’s Portman’s Ass! (and a short film)

I spent 13 minutes between 11:32 and 11:45 last night watching Wes Anderson’s short film, Hotel Chevalier, which iTunes has begun showing online freegratis.


Whether or not the short film has anything to do with this weekend’s highly anticipated release of The Darjeeling Limited, or whether it’s just a 13-minute commercial for Wes’ genius, remains to be seen. The Anderson short stars Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman in a hotel penthouse, which would be sufficient enough to get me to watch. But there’s also the matter of nudity: Portman shows her hot naked ass, which will be sufficient enough to get most males between 18-40 to watch. Jewish porn on a hotel bed…lovely.

It’s visually stimulating, and a baker’s dozen worth of minutes is all you’ll need to see some quality filmmaking in advance of a big cinematic weekend. Do it.

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3 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Portman’s Ass! (and a short film)

  1. Scott Bernstein Reply

    I just hope NPort has long hair, that short butch look was killing me.

  2. Ace Cowboy Reply

    Uh oh…sorry dude, VERY short.

  3. Sisto Reply

    Think Sigourney Weaver in the later Aliens movies.

    What kind of name is Sigourney anyway?

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