For Real: Van Halen Actually Takes The Stage

Set: You Really Got Me, I’m The One, Runnin’ With The Devil, Romeo Delight, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, Beautiful Girls, Dance The Night Away, Atomic Punk, Everybody Wants Some, So This Is Love?, Mean Street, (Oh) Pretty Woman, Drum Solo, Unchained, I’ll Wait, And The Cradle Will Rock, Hot For Teacher, Little Dreamer, Little Guitars, Jamie’s Cryin’, Ice Cream Man, Panama, Guitar Solo, Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

Encore: 1984, Jump

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8 thoughts on “For Real: Van Halen Actually Takes The Stage

  1. chad gunter Reply

    just got home THEY ROCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guitarman Reply

    Without Mike it ain’t worth going to see. Some little punk kid can never replace him!

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  4. Rupert Entwistle Reply

    I guess it’s time to get a ticket to MSG. The setlist looks pretty much perfect.

    BTW, has there ever been a better name than Wolfgang Van Halen?

  5. WhosGotMyExtra Reply

    Damn, sounds awesome! Now I gotta get my tix for NYC…great recap, Scott.

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  8. Blake Reply

    Guitarman wolfgang is way better than mike. Havent you ever noticed after DLR the bass lines? Study more because EVH wrote all the bass lines after DLR. Mike aint worth it

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