VIDEO PREMIERE: Toby Lightman – “Your Welcome”

With the release of her fourth, and most accomplished, body of work last October Every Kind Of People, Toby Lightman has matured into an accomplished blues singer that gently crosses the line of pop and soul. Never overstepping her boundaries, Lightman confidently sings with the quality of gusto and sensitivity reserved for the most endearing of performers.

Every Kind of People was the New York City based artist’s first album since her independent release, Let Go in 2008, and perhaps her most compelling yet. Every Kind of People, was released on the 10th year anniversary of her Lava Records debut album Little Things that earned her national acclaim with the single “Devils & Angels.”

Lightman’s long time love affair with living in a hustling, bustling city, coupled with the human condition, is the journey that resides in the songs on Every Kind Of People. “I spent years writing songs about my life and my own personal love and loss, only to realize that my stories were also being played out in front of me on the street. From the girl standing on the sidewalk crying, to the man sleeping on the subway heading home from work, we are all feeling the same things, and that’s what I tried to convey in these songs. Sometimes I look up at the buildings and think, every window is a person, a person with a story.”

Glide is proud to premiere the video for “Your Welcome,” one that will obviously appeal to fans of Adele and her take it or leave it anthem “Rumour Has It.”

“Your welcome” is an aggressive bluesy song that I wrote about being wronged, whether in love or life,” says Lightman. “I wanted a video that reflected the process of realizing that someone you trusted has worn their welcome out. All of the sadness and grief, anger and rage, and then the knowing that you will move past this stronger and wiser. I hope anyone who’s been wronged can relate to this video and find strength from it and maybe some inspiration. I teamed up with my talented friend, photographer Josh Lehrer who envisioned this video concept with me and directed it to perfection. I’ve never felt comfortable doing music videos, but after shooting this one, I think more may be in my future! “

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