SONG PREMIERE: Sherman Ewing- “Spiritual Awakening”

Brooklyn-based folk rock singer-songwriter Sherman Ewing is premiering his new song “Spiritual Awakening” with Glide (below), the second single from his third EP, Cross My Broken Heart, which is set to be released this summer. Ewing never fails to impress with his gritty directness and melodic precision that brings to mind Drive by Truckers and Ryan Adams.

The Minnesota-born singer-songwriter began his solo career in 2002, teaming with producer Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Billy Squier) and since then has toured nationwide. Ewing has also performed with many artists who have worked with Bob Dylan, Spin Doctors, Hank Williams, Jr. and Keith Richards in the past.

“Spiritual Awakening” is actually originated from a song that an amazing New York songwriter named Philip Shelley penned back in the 80s,” says Ewing. “My dear friend Jimbo Walsh (who was a friend of Philips) literally played it for me once 20 years ago while we were sitting in his living room just strumming it on the guitar – and I never forgot the hook. It was about the steps in front of the old community center building on St. Mark’s Place. (That building was originally the renowned Electric Circus and no longer exists.) I always wanted to take the song and change it around to make it my own and asked Philip a year ago how he’d feel about that … And he gave them his blessing. The chords are roughly the same and the words “spiritual awakening” remains. Other than that, it’s a very different song. His name is the first that appears on the credit for the song. I’m very grateful that he let me ruin it!”

Sherman Ewing’s music is his own unique mix, suggesting a maturity, despite his 40 young years, that comes from development of a multi-dimensional sound. That sound can be traced back to his native Minnesota, a virtual rock and roll holy land of the Midwest. His sound is also seasoned through two decades of experience as a street wise singer/songwriter in New York City.

Early on, Ewing was influenced by the unrefined and direct sounds of fellow Minnesotans, The Replacements and Husker Du, as well as England’s punk music which he experienced while attending an all boy’s boarding school in England. After prep school in England, Ewing attended Columbia University in New York City where he first met John “Jojo” Hermann of Widespread Panic.

Sherman’s solo career began in 2002 when he teamed up Diamond, as their collaborative chemistry was immediate, resulting in the writing and recording of Bluemoon.

The 11 tracks on Bluemoon boast an outstanding team of musicians, including George Recile (Keith Richards, Bob Dylan), Ivan Neville, John Ginty (Robert Randolph), Jack Petruzelli (Joan Osborne), and David Dreiwitz (Ween).

In 2006, after playing together on and off for 25 years, Sherman Ewing and Jojo Hermann officially united under the name, Missing Cats. Missing Cats toured in 2009 to a tremendous response.

In 2011, Sherman Ewing released, “Single Room Saloon” to widespread acclaim. The long awaited album includes collaborations with Ewing’s old friends, Hermann and George Recile (Keith Richards, Bob Dylan), as well as Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors), and Tom Marshall (Phish, Amphibian).

In 2012, Sherman Ewing and Jojo Hermann’s Missing Cats released, “Larry Brown, Amen” and enjoyed an 18 city tour, including an appearance at the Down on the Bayou Benefit to fund the New Orleans Musicians Clinic – an event they’ve played at and enjoyed several times.

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