SONG PREMIERE: Sour Bridges – “Carry On”

Austin, Texas is all over the news these days getting praise for economic growth, tech startup culture and its hip foodie scene, among other things. But no matter how many condos they throw up in this town and how many yuppies continue to invade, the freewheeling, beer swilling hangout culture that made Austin such a draw in the first place will always exist to some degree. Sour Bridges are the musical embodiment of this theory with their self-proclaimed style of “browngrass”, which they once described to me in an interview as “like bluegrass but dirtier.” This may not come across so much on their upcoming self-titled album, which sees the band polishing their sound a bit, but the vibe it insinuates is there. In that same feature I described Sour Bridges as having a “fun-loving backyard folk sound”, and you can definitely here that in their new tune “Carry On”, which we are excited to premiere.

Like most of Sour Bridges’ tunes, “Carry On” just sounds like a sunny day drinking beers by the river with your closest friends. It’s a song that brings out the optimism in the coldest of hearts. Most importantly, it captures the vibe of the laid back, friendly Austin lifestyle that’s always been as appealing to rednecks as it is dopesmoking hippies. We’re all in this together, right? The band elaborates on this idea, saying, “‘Carry On’ is a moving on tune; the post-heartache realization that the self is the foundation of life and living…and after all of the highs and lows, you still need be yourself, and be happy with who you are. Still carrying on…”

If live isn’t about being happy than it ain’t worth living, so make yourself happy and give a listen to “Carry On”:

Sour Bridges drops on May 12th! For more info and more tunes check out!

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