SONG PREMIERE: Bert Sperling – “Love Don’t Live On Love Alone”

We’re excited to bring you a taste of the new album from Portland, OR singer-songwriter Bert Sperling. The album is called Renaissance and comes out on June 24th. One of the standout tracks on the album is “Love Don’t Live On Love Alone”, which you can hear below. Sperling himself humbly reflects on how this song came about:

“I wrote ‘Love Don’t Live On Love Alone’ after a long and special relationship I was in had ended.  I was living in Seattle with her and it had become clear that there wasn’t enough fuel to keep our love going. It was very hard to admit that…but…love doesn’t live on love alone. You can love someone, and want to be in love with them, but there are other factors like admiration and maybe even envy that love has to survive on.

So, it’s about driving down from Portland to LA where I’d decided to move, alone, and pursue my dreams of an entertainment career.  ‘I hit the 5, nothing but a 9 by my side’ – that’s hitting the I-5 freeway in my car with only nine thousand dollars to my name to start my new life.  I like that lyric though, because I imagine it doubling in reference to a nine millimeter handgun… I thought that sounded badass.

The style, I hope, is really catchy. Just a catchy hook that sounds cool, with the alliteration, and I hope it makes you think about what the chorus means.  I’ve had pretty young girls tell me, ‘I would download this’ – and that makes me very happy.”

Renaissance comes out June 24th. For more on Bert Sperling check out

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2 thoughts on “SONG PREMIERE: Bert Sperling – “Love Don’t Live On Love Alone”

  1. gary tran Reply

    this is awesome!!

  2. al jimenez Reply

    frickin’ great…

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